"I'm going to die alone.."
That is one of the many things you might feel after a breakup. It isn't just that your relationship has ended. Life, as you knew it, is over. Your grief and the loss of security and connection have changed the trajectory of your life.
If you're facing a breakup in mid-life, you might additionally be taking care of children, aging parents, holding down a career and now: facing a breakup. It seems like it's too much for one person.
I've been there-multiple times. That's why I wrote the BREAKUP CALL. The book offers specific steps for speeding up your breakup recovery and creating a new life you love, whether you're single or coupled.
THE BREAKUP CALL book can help you get over your (toxic) breakup, leave self-doubt and grief behind, and stop dating people that are bad for you. You'll learn:
  • How to move on from your Ex faster
  • How to manage and take control of the logistics of your breakup
  • How to heal, so you can find true love again
Everything Hurts Everywhere
Nothing feels more lonely than the end of a relationship, even if you're the one who left. Your person is gone. You don't know what the future holds. You didn't think it would be this hard. You thought the sadness or fear would be over by now.
Getting unstuck from negative emotions is hard because you don't always notice that you're stuck. You might even begin to feel like this is just the new normal. That is why it's important to get support for the emotional AND practical challenges that come with breakups:
You're angry at your Ex and life itself because it feels unfair and nothing makes sense.
You're scared of living alone, the future, the new relationship status you're facing.
You feel like nothing will ever be good again and you miss your partner all the time.
Financial Worries
You’re not sure you can pay for bills, legal fees, or the cost of living alone.
You’re finding it hard to do things alone or to be alone. You can't take the silence.
You can’t fall asleep, stay asleep, or you wake up too early, feeling anxious or exhausted.
You’re constantly thinking about your Ex and checking their social media feeds.
You romanticize even the bad times and wonder if you should get back together.
Breakups are a Time of Transformation
(but on steroids)
Breakups cause massive uncertainty
You're worried about what comes next. Divorce? Moving? New partners on either side? You don't recognize your life anymore. You think you're not worthy or capable of a loving relationship, or that this breakup will define you from now on.
When community is no longer enough
After a while, well-meaning friends or family members may have started to get impatient, wondering "shouldn't you be over this by now?" or the all-time favorite: "you should get back out there, start dating again!" But you just don't feel ready.
Beyond the breakup...
This is not just about getting over your Ex, getting a divorce, or fixing toxic dating patterns. Though that is going to happen! It's not about anyone else but you reclaiming joy, building resilience, and creating a life beyond your wildest pre-breakup dreams.
Take Back Your Life!